A COUNCILLOR has called for a clampdown on untaxed cars littering grass verges across the Grange ward of Farnborough.

Cllr Jon Weston has received numerous complaints from residents since taking his post in last May’s election.

They say verges in front of certain houses resemble garage parking lots, with cars left on them for months at a time.

“It is a terrible eyesore on the borough,” complained Cllr Weston, who walks across the ward every Saturday speaking to residents.

“You can imagine what it is like for people living next door to this. It greatly reduces their quality of life and also the value of their house.

“How are we supposed to make the estate tidy when people leave cars, both taxed and untaxed, wherever they like?”

Fellow Grange ward councillor Mike Smith said: “I don’t know how we can stop it. It has become a general nuisance throughout the borough, particularly along Hawley Lane.”

He added that on-street parking was so limited residents had little option but to park on verges.

Jim Pettitt, Rushmoor’s head of highway services, said his department was constantly acting on reports of untaxed vehicles.

“We put a notice on an untaxed vehicle and contact the DVLA to find out the address of the registered owner.

“We then contact the person, and if they come forward we then effectively take no further action.”

Rushmoor is looking at other council schemes, some of which offer a vehicle disposal service, added Mr Pettitt: “This service is at a cost and encourages people to make a decision about whether they need the car any more.

“If they are not being used by the people they are taking up valuable space and often creating an eyesore.”