Men on stilts mingled with magicians and even a fire-eater at the Highfield Park Hotel in Heckfield last Thursday, ensuring that the Court Moor School prom was a night to remember.

Around 200 Year 11 students began arriving from 7pm in a medley of stretched limousines, Hummers, a Mustang and some vintage buses.

They were met by a trio of professional jazz musicians who played for them on the balmy evening, before a specially requested dinner of fish and chips. The Year 11 band performed some numbers, and it was a Court Moor old boy who occupied the DJ booth, playing a mixture of contemporary hits that had the whole company on its feet all night.

Julie Andrews, head of Year 11 pastoral support, said: “It was a really fantastic evening. They had a wonderful time.

“It finished at 11.30pm but we couldn’t get rid of them.

“They didn’t want to go.”

Ms Andrews said when the revellers returned the next day for their leavers’ assembly, ‘they were still buzzing’.

The night was a farewell to the GCSE cohort, whom Ms Andrews and head of year Jackie Alison have looked after for the past three years.