They handed out leaflets and launched a poster campaign which urges people to "Say No to Breaking the Covenant on Memorial Park".

The move comes after months of endless dispute between residents and councillors over the youth centre project. A further protest is planned this Saturday outside Safeway.

Residents want the town council to uphold the park's covenant, which was originally drawn up in 1914 by a Sandhurst landowner, stating that land should be "laid out as recreational ground for the inhabitants of Sandhurst".

The youth centre plans have now been given the go- ahead by Bracknell Forest Borough Council but residents' associations in Sandhurst are joining forces in a bid to prevent the move.

Val Crosby-Clarke, chairman of Sandhurst Residents' Association, said the day was very successful, with tremendous support from traders.

She said: "The most important message is the Memorial Park was given to the people of Sandhurst and it should be kept that way.

"Our other concern is that funding for the running of the centre will come from Rushmoor, Surrey Heath and Hart councils, so we will have young people with problems coming in from all the surrounding areas.

"Cllr Peter North (the mayor of Sandhurst) says there has been a lot of misinformation spread but no one knows the answer to how many people this will attract — this is genuinely worrying."

Following a petition to save the covenant earlier this month, Sandhurst Town Council has agreed to draw up a consultation form which will be delivered to homes throughout the town within the next couple of weeks.

Cllr North said: "It is easy for the residents' associations to say this is a simple matter but it is not — it is very complicated."