A COMPANY contracted to modernise Aldershot crematorium went bust before completing the work.

Rushmoor Council is now having to spend an additional £39,000 on finishing the job which was started in the middle of last year.

Councillors were told in a report last Thursday that the company, which hasn't been named, had ceased trading after installing three new cremators.

"The installation had taken significantly longer than anticipated," the report continued. "And the cost to the company had been higher than it had anticipated."

As a result it went out of business in March this year, leaving work still to be done on the computer software control programme.

David Quirk, council environmental health chief, described the company's financial problems as "unfortunate".

Despite the upheaval, he said that the crematorium had remained in operation throughout the £380,000 project.

"The work was carried out during times when the crematorium wasn't busy," he said last Friday.

In his view the work had transformed the crematorium into a modern, first-class facility.

The fully-computerised operation would result in lower fuel costs and other savings, added Mr Quirk.