RUSHMOOR'S community safety team launched its crime reduction strategy for the next three years with a pledge that it would implement measures that would see a drop in crime.

"We are not complacent as we know we are putting ourselves up to be held to account," said Rushmoor Chief Executive Andrew Lloyd.

The first strategy was launched just three years ago and Mr Lloyd admitted that while there had been successes not everything had been measurable -"this time we want proposals that will make a difference."

An audit of the project so far revealed among other things that Aldershot town centre street violence was down 30 per cent during the period. Mr Lloyd said the town's image had improved -"Aldershot is a safe place to live, work and shop."

Generally there had been a marked increase in Rushmoor as a whole of vehicle crime, public disorder and robbery. Farnborough Main station was rated 10th out of 613 railway stations for motor vehicle crime.

On drugs, Aldershot and Farnborough have the highest level of drug treatment testing orders in the county. Rushmoor also has a disproportionate amount of crime committed by young people.

As well as reducing crime the new strategy also aims to reduce the fear of crime and increase the public's feeling of safety.