I REFER to the report in the Aldershot News on January 18 concerning the proposed closure of the Vale Road bridge over the Basingstoke Canal for the purpose of reconstructing the bridge deck.

Those present at the Ash Parish Council meeting when this was revealed were horrified to learn that Surrey County Council proposes a two-way traffic diversion route via Wharf Road, Prospect Road, Hutton Road and Heathvale Bridge Road.

The parish council appears to have acquiesced to this proposal, subject to large lorries being signed to go via the Blackwater Valley Road.

Those who know the area will appreciate that the alignment and residential character of the roads listed above make them totally unsuitable for the heavy two-way traffic that will be directed on to them during the estimated six-week period required to carry out the works.

Wharf Road is subject to regular and intensive parking and is also regularly obstructed by large vehicles. Prospect Road has at least one severe hump and the two sharp bends at the junction of Prospect Road and Hutton Road will be a problem for long vehicles and buses.

The canal bridge at Heathvale Bridge Road is subject to a weight restriction and there are no pavements.

I urge all affected residents to lobby their local councillors to ensure that the county council officers are instructed to reconsider this proposal.

If the bridge deck really does require strengthening then a scheme must be developed that will not cause traffic chaos in the centre of our village.

Peter Monk, Foxhurst Road, Ash Vale.