RUSHMOOR Council and Hampshire County Council are being urged to take an urgent look at the new traffic calming measures in Aldershot's Victoria Road -described as a "death trap" by a local shopkeeper who narrowly avoided being knocked down last week.

Borough and county councillor Roger Kimber told the Star that he had asked Rushmoor highways boss Jim Pettitt to send an engineer to see how the bus and taxi parking was affecting the new pedestrian crossing by the Wellington Centre entrance. He also intends to pass on his concerns to Hampshire.

Mr Dennis Ballard of Concorde Models in Victoria Road said pedestrians had no view if there were taxis and buses parked in the bays above the crossing.

"You have to step into the road before you can make sure it is safe to cross," he told the Star. "I took one step into the road and was nearly knocked over.

"Someone is going to get killed on that crossing if it stays the way it is -there has never been a problem with traffic in this road until now -and it is all of the council's making."

Coun. Kimber, himself a former taxi driver, said there needed to be lights on the crossing.