CAMPAIGNERS are expected to turn out in force when controversial plans to build a scrambling track in the countryside are discussed tomorrow night.

Former Hart Council leader Robert Benford has applied to build the circuit on his farm near RAF Odiham.

But Hart’s development control committee is being advised by its own staff to refuse permission following a massive public outcry.

About 400 people packed a public meeting at Lord Wandsworth College in Long Sutton to discuss the application last month.

Odiham, Greywell, Long Sutton and Well, South Warnborough and Upton Grey parish councils have already unanimously opposed the plan.

They warn the development is totally out of place and would reduce the field to an ugly wasteland — contrary to Hart’s Local Plan, which seeks to preserve rural areas.

Village leaders also warn the proposal would generate high levels of noise and oil from the motorcycles would flow into the nearby River Whitewater and Sites of Special Scientific Interest at Greywell Fen and Greywell Moor.

They point out that the site and surrounding fields are home to protected birds and badgers.

Parish councillors are also extremely concerned that traffic going to the proposed track would have to turn off the dangerous B3349, the scene of a number of death crashes and other serious accidents, into the narrow Ford Lane.

Cllr Benford said the crisis in the farming industry had led him to look at other ways of making money from his 400-acre farm.

He pointed out that noise levels would be monitored by Hart Council, which has the power to stop events if guidelines are not met.

But Hart planning officers are recommending councillors refuse the application at tomorrow night’s meeting.

They have ruled the plan is unwarranted development, contrary to policy, would create a great deal of noise, be harmful to neighbours and be visually intrusive, and would add to the level of traffic turn-ing at a poor road junction.

Hart’s environmental health officer has opposed the plan along with the Council for the Protection of Rural England.

Hampshire Police have also raised objections for traffic safety reasons.

Hart has received seven letters of support for the plan but it has also been sent a petition with 400 signatures and 480 separate letters of objection.

Residents can attend tomorrow’s development control committee meeting at Hart’s Fleet headquarters in Harlington Way, which starts at 7pm.

Mr Benford is pictured on a quad bike at his farm.