POLICE have praised a Deepcut burglary victim who was quick witted enough to refuse to give the thief his pin numbers.

The villain called the man after sneaking into the house near Deepcut Bridge Road and stealing several bank cards.

He claimed to be ringing from the bank and said he needed to check the pin numbers because the cards had been used fraudulently.

But the victim smelt a rat and refused to divulge the numbers. He told the police that the thief spoke with an authoritative voice.

Judy Williams, Camberley police press officer, said: "In the past some people have fallen for this kind of trick.

"Thankfully, in this case the victim sensed something was wrong and kept the numbers to himself." She said that no-one, not even a bank or the police, had the right to ask for someone's pin numbers.

"Don't give them to anyone," added Mrs Williams.