A PETITION demanding action to stamp out unruly behaviour from teenagers on an Aldershot estate was presented to the police and councils this week.

More than 1,000 people living on the Tices Meadow, Parkside and Heronwood estates have signed up in the hope that something will be done to curb the antisocial behaviour of recent months.

They are fed up with broken windows, stone throwing and street fighting.

Residents group members met representatives from the police, Rushmoor Council and Hampshire County Council on Tuesday to discuss the situation and highlight the depth of feeling.

Resident Peter Sandy, who presented the petition, said: “We are all gravely concerned by the prevailing state of affairs with regard to vandalism and harassment in our community.

“Many of us are under considerable strain, and are concerned for our own safety and that of our property.

“It’s time for something to be done about it before nerves snap or someone is hurt.”

Mr Sandy said many people were frustrated because not enough was being done to clamp down on the culprits.

County councillor Adrian Collett is on the Hampshire Police Authority.

He said he commended the campaigners and would raise the matter with the police.

“They deserve our support. If someone is afraid to go out of their house it has a significant impact on their life and makes them a prisoner.”

Cllr David Welch, Rushmoor’s executive member for community matters, welcomed the initiative and sympathised with residents.

He said: “We’ve got to be tougher on them. Pavilion Housing must play their part. They can take out antisocial orders if it’s their property.If not, I think the police and Rushmoor should do something.”

Insp Sharon Petherbridge said Aldershot police were doing all they could to tackle the problem, working with the public, Pavilion Housing Association and Rushmoor Council to counter it.

She added: “During the Christmas and new year school holidays we provided high visibility police patrols throughout the areas and as a direct result a number of youths were arrested and are being dealt with.”

She also said a questionnaire had been sent to residents to find out how they felt about the situation.

“We have received a good response and the views of those people that have sent them in are being considered with a view to ensuring we provide the best possible service to the people of the whole area.”

Resident Tony Brooker, who started the campaign, said: “I think everyone should be able to live in peace and quiet.”