HART Councillor Denis Gotel is conducting an opinion poll which he hopes will solve a road safety issue in Fleet once and for all.

He has delivered questionnaires to over 400 homes in a bid to discover what residents think about Elvetham Road's controversial chicanes.

One of the questions he poses is: "Would you like to see the present scheme removed entirely?"

He also invites residents to comment on a list of alternative traffic calming ideas, including speed cameras and pinch points.

Coun Gotel, elected to the council in May on a "keep traffic moving" ticket, is also keen to discover how many residents supported Hampshire County Council's decision to create chicanes in the road.

He said: "The county council claims it had 70 per cent support for the scheme, but I don't think their survey was very representative.

"I understand that only 24 responded, and of those 19 agreed with the idea."

Delivering the questionnaires has left him footsore and weary, but he hopes the effort will pay off.

When he has analysed the results of his opinion poll he intends to write a detailed report for the county council which is currently reviewing the scheme.

In July seven Hart Tory councillors called for the "disastrous" chicanes to be removed.

They told the county council that the traffic calming measure had caused numerous accidents and road rage incidents. The result of the county council's review is likely to be revealed early next month.