A NEW Hampshire school dinner system was premiered at Westfields Junior School, Yateley, when Yateley's Mayor and Mayoress, Peter and Maria Armstrong, were the first to try it out.

Westfields is one of only two schools in Hampshire to operate the new cashless system. Each child and member of staff has a digital photograph and pin number and their choices are debited from an account. Parents are told when the accounts are starting to get low so that they can replenish them.

The food on offer includes a greater variety than before with healthy options including salad and fruit salad.

The guests, including Neil Jones from Hampshire, toured the school and there was a special assembly where the School Council gave a presentation on healthy eating. Helping to cut the ribbon was the school's youngest pupil, seven-year-old Charlie Penfold. After a competition among the pupils the new kitchen has been called "Food for Thought" - suggested by Year Six pupil Cara Baynes.