I WAS shocked to hear about the Jack Russell being killed by a black dog (Ash Mail, February 26).

I wonder how long the owners are going to get away with their dogs attacking other dogs.

A couple of years ago my Jack Russell was nearly killed in my own back yard by another dog and nothing was done then. If I had not been in at the time he would not be alive today. The dog's owner never paid the vet's bill despite the fact that she came to see me and said she would.

When the police came to see me after the incident they said it was a civil matter. In fact the dog jumped over my wrought iron gate to get into the garden. On Saturday a dog from the close jumped over and it was lucky that Nipper was indoors.

These dog owners should be sorted out, that's a fact. It could well be a child next time.

I would like to pass my condolences to the Jack Russell's owners as I know how they feel as it could well have happened to me. And it's still in the back of my mind even now.

Margaret Day, Meadow Close, Ash Vale.