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Domestic violence victim warns others after boyfriend bit ear

A brave teenager has spoken about her ordeal of being pinned to the ground in Aldershot and having part of an ear bitten off by her then-boyfriend

What began like any other relationship turned into a nightmare for a teenager as a late-night attack by her boyfriend left her fearing for her life.

Eleanor Jarvis, 18, was pinned to the ground in Manor Park, Aldershot, and had part of her ear bitten off by Kirk Alldritt after an argument while drinking in the White Lion pub on September 28.

He knelt on her chest and throat before spitting in her face. He taunted Miss Jarvis, offering her a mobile phone and telling her to call the police, before moving it out of reach.

Alldritt launched a sustained barrage of punches and kicks to her face and body and, using his teeth, ripped a 3cm strip from her left ear.

The teenager from Upper Hale, Farnham, has now spoken to the News & Mail to raise awareness of domestic violence.

Alldritt, 26, from Sheeling Close, Aldershot, was jailed for five years and four months on November 22 at Winchester Crown Court, having admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

The court heard him described as a "Jekyll-and-Hyde" character who posed a "serious risk to future partners".

Miss Jarvis, who has not spoken to Alldritt since the attack, said she realised she should have acted on her concerns about his abusive behaviour sooner. She warned others experiencing abuse to speak up and avoid a similar fate.

The couple met in Subway in Union Street, Aldershot, in January, where they were introduced by mutual friends and began seeing each other properly in March.

At first the pair were happy, however there were soon signs things were not quite right in the relationship.

“The first time I ever thought it was a bit strange was a couple of months into the relationship when we had an argument and he got angry and wouldn’t let me leave his flat,” said Miss Jarvis.

“There were a few occasions when he would grab me by the face and pin me down.”

Kirk Alldritt

Miss Jarvis said Alldritt’s behaviour became worse after he began a job at Terranova as a truck driver.

“He got very stressy when he started his new job,” she said.

“We were so different as I’m quite a relaxed person and sometimes that did make us clash.

"He became snappy easily. When he had a drink he would change into a different person.”

Miss Jarvis noticed more controlling behaviour from Alldritt, which she described as "subtle".

She began adapting her behaviour to avoid aggravating him, making sure she was home when he returned from work so as not to cause an argument.

She urged other women in that situation to “be honest with your family and friends, because I wasn’t”.

“You can be manipulated to think they [a partner] are your world. There's a lot of realisation afterwards,” she added.

“I kept Kirk very quiet. Everyone thought we were perfect – you paint that picture.

"It’s not healthy, and it’s only you that can take yourself out of that situation.

"Every relationship has problems, and I’m not saying that everyone will end up like this, but anyone being advised by their friends should listen, because it is good advice.”

Miss Jarvis, a former Heath End School pupil who works at Disability Challengers in Farnham, said she had been forced to cancel a trip to New York with her mother in October due to ongoing treatment for her ear, but now plans to go next year instead.

Although more wary now, Miss Jarvis said she was determined not to be affected by the bad experience. She initially accepted help offered by Hampshire Constabulary, but has since decided she does not need further emotional support.

Despite bearing the scars from the relationship, Miss Jarvis admitted she does not altogether regret meeting Alldritt.

“It depends what kind of day I’m having,” she said. “There are some days I wish I’d never walked in there and met him.”



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