THE Fleet mum harassed by a school truancy team while with her daughter in the Hart Centre, has accused a county council official of "patronising" her in his reply to her complaints.

Mrs Karen Silvester of Nursery Close fired off complaints to both the county and the police following the embarrassing confrontation when she was out shopping with ten-year-old Emma, who was off school with a bad cough. She said that the two education welfare officers and a policewoman did not introduce themselves or show any identification.

Mrs Silvester said that this gave passers-by the impression that she was a suspected shoplifter.

In his reply to her letter of complaint county education officer Mr Andrew Seber managed to wrongly spell her name as Sylvester. He said that the county and police had agreed that both uniformed police officers and education welfare officers would take part in truancy schemes. The officers stopped and spoke to children who appeared to be of compulsory school age and asked why they were not in school.

Both he and Fleet police chief Insp. Steven Coward said that the policewoman, Charlotte Rose, had introduced herself when the team approached Mrs Silvester.

In a further letter to Mr Seber Mrs Silvester says no introductions were made and WPC Rose had just said: "we would like to ask a couple of questions about why your daughter is not at school."

She also points out to Mr Seber that the police told her that of nine children stopped that day six were with parents. She has asked how many of them had valid reasons for being off school.

Asking for a more detailed reply, she tells him: "I am not prepared to let this matter rest until I receive satisfactory responses and an acceptance that the way in which I was approached was wrong."