IDENTICAL twins Andy and Martin Blaser have shared most things since they were born 35 years ago.

They have the same haircut, live in the same town and supported the same football team.

But now something is dividing them — the FA Cup clash between Arsenal and Farnborough.

Andy will be backing Boro next Saturday and Martin is sticking with the Gunners.

Andy said: “I was in a real dilemma when the draw was made. I worked in Farnborough for eight years and have a lot of friends there.

“It’s such an unbelievable dream for Farnborough that I decided I had to back the local team.

“If, and I mean if, Arsenal happen to win the tie, I’ll be back behind them all the way.”

Andy’s nine-year-old son Jordan has also been a Boro fan since the club laid on coaching session at his school.

The Blaser family, including Andy and Martin’s other two brothers, have been lifelong Arsenal fans since their father Rolf moved from Switzerland to Highbury in the 1960s.

The twins, who both live in Yateley, were overjoyed when the Gunners won the Premier League Championship and the FA Cup last year.

Martin, whose own amateur football career has been hampered by a series of motorbike accidents, said there was no way he would be swapping colours for one game.

“This might be a big day for Farnborough but to Arsenal it’s just a minor hurdle on the road to another Double.

“There is no way Farnborough are going to win,” he said.