USERS of North Town Post Office in Aldershot fear it may have closed permanently.

The post office in North Lane has been shut for a week.

The next nearest ones are in Ash Road and the town centre.

Mother-of-two Nicola Barratt, who had been on holiday, said: "I'm waiting to collect my order books. Without them I can't get any money.

"I'd have liked to have been warned so I could have got my order books and then gone to the main office with them."

A notice in the window on August 5 said it had closed due to "technical difficulties".

Since then the shutters have come down.

In September 2000 planning permission was granted to turn the post office into flats. It changed hands at the beginning of this year.

North Town councillor Keith Dibble said of the owners: "I'd be disappointed if they were to close without telling us."

He said the shop provided a vital service in North Town and feared its closure would have a bad impact on the community.

"There's a lot of people without transport who would be affected.

"If you're in your 70s with no car, half a mile (to the post office in Ash Road) is half a mile too far. There is no direct bus route to take you there or into town."

Cllr Dibble said he was told the shop had closed on August 5 but did not know why or whether it was for good.

He said the North Town Community Partnership would continue to work with the Post Office to provide a service in the area.

But on August 7 a Post Office spokeswoman said the closure was not permanent, although she could not confirm when it would reopen.

She added: "It's temporarily closed for operational reasons. We hope to be able to open it as soon as possible."

Nicola Barratt and her children are pictured outside North Lane Post Office.