THE targeting of drivers involved in collisions rather than massive random tests at roadblocks resulted in a ten per cent increase in drink drivers being caught by Surrey Police over the Christmas period.

At accidents 206 breath tests were given and 16 proved positive. Injury collisions were significantly down at 96 compared to 131 the year before.

Of 625 breath tests given altogether 66 were positive. A year ago 900 tests led to 60 positive results.

In the Aldershot and Farnborough area only three motorists tested positively out of 40 breath tested at accident scenes. Another 275 drivers tested were all negative.

Ben Lovejoy, spokesman for the Association of British Drivers, said similar figures had been revealed up and down the country. He said no one quarrelled with testing at accident scenes. Random stopping of motorists should always aim to minimise inconvenience to ordinary members of the motoring public.