TWO cheeky thieves stole more than £200 worth of booze from under the noses of a church congregation at Frimley.

They helped themselves to cases of beer and wine during an evening mass at Our Lady Queen of Heaven church.

Someone who saw the pair at work in the adjoining church hall bar thought they were parishioners who had purchased the drinks for a party.

Fr John O'Sullivan, parish priest, said with a chuckle: "I'm sure they did have a party…only it was at our expense."

The villains, he continued, had struck lucky because two doors leading to the bar had been left unlocked.

"We had a gas firm in a couple of days earlier to service the central heating, and the doors hadn't been locked after they had gone," he said.

The villains, one a man in his 50s, came well prepared with a pair of hand-trucks for wheeling out the drinks' cases.

They made off in a car parked outside the building, leaving behind the hand-trucks and five footballs.

Police believe that the footballs - presumably taken out of the car boot to make room for the booze - may provide a vital clue in their search for the thieves.

They would like to hear from any football teams who don't have a ball to play with.