A FLEET dog owner has blamed the death of her pet Saluki on drugs left lying around by addicts in one of the town's parks.

Mrs Caroline Bletsis said that following the death of her dog, Luke, she learned that two other animals had been poisoned after visiting Calthorpe Park.

One, a cat, died after being taken ill, but the dog survived. "That there have been three cases of poisoning in the same small area is more than coincidental," she said.

"I suspect, as I believe do the other owners, that all three animals have been poisoned by drugs."

According to her information, the woods bordering the park are rife with dealers and pushers on Friday and Saturday nights, but this is denied by police.

Mrs Bletsis, of Larmer Close, Fleet, said Luke's death had devastated her family.

He died within a few hours of being taken for a walk through the park, where he licked something on the ground.

In the evening the previously healthy dog became ill and Mrs Bletsis took him to a vet.

"The vet didn't suspect poisoning as Luke was not exhibiting the classic symptoms of poisoning by substances like insecticide, rat poison and snail bait," she continued.

Four hours after visiting the vet the dog died in obvious pain, frothing at the mouth.

By the time she heard about the other two pets being poisoned, it was too late for an autopsy because Luke had been cremated.

Mrs Bletsis reported her pet's death to Fleet police, who have so far found no evidence to link the dog's death with drugs.

Sergeant Neil Ireland said on Monday: "From what we know, drug taking is not rife at Calthorpe Park. Like everywhere else, needles have been found there from time to time, but it's not a problem area."