An elderly man was rescued from a fire at his Aldershot home after he seemingly fell into a diabetic coma while cooking some food.

Firefighters were called to the flat in Tongham Road at 4.20pm on Sunday March 30 after a neighbour heard the smoke alarm sounding.

Crew members forced their way into the property and found the man lying on the bathroom floor, while the kitchen was filled with smoke from the flaming frying pan.

The officers, wearing breathing apparatus, pulled the man in his 70s, who was thought to be diabetic, outside to safety and he was taken to hospital or treatment for smoke inhalation.

Crew manager Ian Crawley said the smoke alarm, and the assistance it triggered from the man's neighbour, had been crucial in saving his life as the flat was filling with smoke.

"The neighbour spotted the alarm first and thought it was their own," he said. "If she hadn't have done that, I don't think he would be with us now."

He added: "When we got there, there was a smell of burning and it was definitely cooking. A neighbour came out and said they didn't think the man had gone out and must still be inside, so we made the decision to force entry.

"Our first priority was to get him out. He was unconscious and breathing."

A spokesman for the South East Coast Ambulance Service said an ambulance and two cars had attended the scene and that the man was taken to Frimley Park Hospital as a priority patient.