Libs gain five in Surrey Heath - by CLIFF MOGG.

LIBERAL Democrats are celebrating after last Thursday's Surrey Heath Council elections.

With five gains, they now have a record 13 members on the council. The party's success means that the Conservatives' grip on the council has been weakened.

Although still in overall control, the Tories' majority has been cut from eight seats to four. They failed to take advantage of the four extra seats up for grabs.

Instead the party experienced an "Even Stevens" night, gaining seven seats and losing seven. Labour lost four seats, cutting its representation on the council by half, from six seats to three.

The new council line-up is Conservatives 22 seats, Lib Dem 13, Labour 3 and Independent 2.

Results: winners in bold, * denotes re-elected members. Wards in Star area:

Frimley Ward - 29.7% turn out.

Ian Sams Con 744*; Anthony Mansell Con 729; David Hamilton Con 708*; John Allan LD 395 ; Clifford Betton LD 381; Peter Moulin LD 378; Linda Clark Lab 223; Gillian Gray Lab 182

Frimley Green Ward 33.7% turn out.

Catherine Whitcroft LD 886*; Alan Whittart LD 862*; Angela Patterson LD 826; John Phillips Con 502; Gillian Owen Con 483; Steven Owen Con 467.

Heatherside Ward 39.2% turn out.

Paul Ilnicki Con 961*; Pat Pearce Con 941*; Frances Bennie LD 887; Joyce Pitt Con 834; Victoria Paulding LD 760; Pamela Blecken LD 709

Mytchett and Deepcut Ward - 30.5% turn out.

Michael Drew LD 768*; David Whitcroft LD 724*; Cynthia Ferguson LD 686; Sally Foster Con 592; Heather Phillips Con 568; Daphrye Knowles Con 566

Old Dean Ward - 29% turn out.

Margaret Moher Lab 502*; David Musgrave Lab 391; Terence Beaumont Con 311; Fay Storey Con 310; Martin Smith LD 62; Thomas Gawne LD 59.

Parkside Ward - 39.5% turn out.

Edward Hawkins Con 943*; Robert Smith LD 909*; Josephine Hawkins Con 902; David Kinnear Con 901;

Anthony Cowell LD 876; Amande Young LD 850.

St. Michael's Ward 35.8% turn out.

Chris Pitt Con 490; Melanie Longden Lab 489*; Glenn Morrison Con 488; Richard Dalford Lab 447; Derek Morrison LD 145; Terry Goodwin LD 144.

St Paul's Ward - 30.2% turn out.

Vivienne Chapman Con 944*; Audrey Roxburgh Con 907*; William Chapman Con 897; Arthur Haynes LD 296; Richard Burr LD 289; Gavin Hamer LD 279.

Town Ward - 33.9% turnout.

Ken Pedder Con 577*; John Brooks Con 563, Gail O'Flaherty LD 507; Kevin O'Flaherty LD 466

Watchetts Ward 34.6% turn out.

John May Con 639; Mohammed Chaudry Con 573; Pamela Loyal Lab 456; Rodney Bates Lab 432; Alison Metcalfe LD 119; Marjorie Wren LD 98

No change in Hart election - by JOHN WALTON

Both Conservatives and Liberal Democrats had near misses in Hart local elections on Thursday -but as in Rushmoor, not a single seat changed hands.

At Blackwater and Hawley Liberal Democrat David Neighbour breathed a sigh of relief when he held off the challenge of Conservative Vivienne Gascoigne by just 16 votes. Mrs Gascoigne, described as " a star" by MP Gerald Howarth, vowed: "We will get them next time!"

But it was not all plain sailing for the Conservatives. Despite their tremendous effort in Yateley North they saw Liberal Democrat Leader David Simpson's majority soar to 345. And in true blue Fleet North, Richard Robinson came within 19 votes of toppling the Tory incumbent, Anthony Barrell. The council line-up remains at Conservative 22, Liberal Democrats ten and Independents three.

Next year there is expected to be a fierce battle in Fleet when a slate of five Independents headed by former Tory Council Chairman Peter Carr will stand on a "Fleet first" platform.

RESULTS: (all no change).

Fleet North: *Anthony Barrell (Con) 355, Richard Robinson (LD) 336. Courtmoor: Wallace Vincent (Con) 673, Jeff Smith (LD) 458. Yateley West: *Myra Billings (LD) 518, Edward Bromhead (Con) 236, Mary Jenkins (Lab) 93, Margaret Adhemar (Green) 24. Yateley East: *Graham Cockarill (LD) 652, Thomas Schwartz (Con) 404, Sophie Shepherd (Lab) 97. Yateley North: *David Simpson (LD) 775, James Lawrence (Con) 430, Keith Spendlove (Lab) 63.

Church Crookham West *Lorraine Fullbrook (Con) 593, Nicola Dommett (LD) 424, Nigel Moakes (Green) 52. Hartley Wintney: *Mark Fullbrook (Con) 888, Helen Whitcroft (LD) 285. Hook: Andrew Henderson (Con) 955, David Evans (LD) 453, Lars Mosesson (Green) 68. Odiham: Roger Jones (Con) 984, Anthony Over (LD) 299. Blackwater and Hawley: *David Neighbour (LD) 557, Vivienne Gascoigne (Con) 541. Frogmore & Darby Green: *Viv Street (LD) 60l, Colin Mortimer (Con) 256, John Davies (Lab) 111.

Rushmoor's 'no change' election - by JOHN WALTON

IT'S "as you were" in Rushmoor after Thursday's local elections.

In the most uneventful election night in Rushmoor's history not a single seat changed hands and the parties remain at Conservative 25, Liberal Democrats ten and Labour six, with one Independent.

The closest battle was in St Mark's where Conservative Diane Bedford emerged from a recount 30 votes ahead of Liberal Democrat Alastair Mackie. Former Deputy Mayor George Paparesti (LD) failed to get back the seat he lost last year -he lost by 47 votes to newcomer Peter Crerar.

It was a bad night for Labour -not only did they fail to claw back any seats in Farnborough, but their majorities in their two Aldershot strongholds North Town and Heron Wood were slashed.

RESULTS: (all no change) * denotes retiring councillor.

FARNBOROUGH: Fernhill: *Kenneth Muschamp (Con) 596, Richard Shaw (LD) 424, Martin Coule (Lab) 160. Grange: * Jon Weston (Con) 738, Stella Olivier (Lab) 369, Hazel Manning (LD) 229, Arthur Pendragon (Ind) 86. St John's: * Graham Tucker (Con) 676, Martine Howell (LD) 408. Mayfield: * Neville Dewey (LD) 587, Clive Grattan (Lab) 236, Roderick Baulk (Con) 195. West Heath: *Shaun Murphy (LD) 687, Stephen Masterson (Con) 581, Philip Collins (Lab) 144, Gary Cowd (English Democrats) 123.

Empress: *John Wall (Con) 940, Stephen Chowns (LD) 534, Christopher Wright (Lab) 199. Cove and Southwood *Brian Jupp (LD) 691, David Thomas (Con) 545, Edward Shelton (Lab) 130, James Page (Green) 39, Knellwood: *Roland Dibbs (Con) 742, Martin Kaye (LD) 382, Keith Parkins (Ind) 355, William Tootill (Lab) 119. St Mark's *Diane Bedford (Con) 648, Alastair Mackie (LD) 618, Barry Jones (Lab) 149.

ALDERSHOT: Wellington: *Francis Williams (Con) 383, Robert Sullivan (Lab) 222, Nickolas Burfield (LD) 145, Samantha Stacey (Green) 54. Rowhill: *Charles Choudhary (Con) 710, Philip Thompson (LD) 287, Jill Clark (Lab) 239, Julia Fowler (Green) 83. Manor Park: Peter Crerar (Con) 654, George Paparesti (LD)) 607, June Smith (Lab) 187. North Town: Caroline Culver (Lab) 498, Neil Watkin (Con) 376, Peter Sandy (LD) 251, Adam Stacey (Green) 81. Heron Wood: * Donald Cappleman (Lab) 545, Andrew Hankins (Con) 408, Ian Colpus (LD) 206.

Yateley Mayor loses seat - by JOHN WALTON

YATELEY town Mayor Coun. John Davies lost his seat in Thursday's town council elections after a recount with a fellow Labour nominee.

Now Coun. Davies will preside at next week's annual council meeting knowing that by the end of the meeting he will just be an ordinary member of the public.

The Liberal Democrats, who would normally expect to win every Yateley seat, now leave a few seats for opposition members.

This time they only fielded three candidates for the five seats at Frogmore and Darby Green. They were followed home by former Liberal Democrat Archie Gillespie and a long way behind came Mr Davies and fellow Labour nominee Joyce Still - both with 153 votes. After a recount it was Joyce Still who was elected by two votes.

Another shock was the departure of Conservative Edward Dawson. He had been expected to take a seat in Yateley East but chose to stand in Yateley North where he was flattened by the Liberal Democrat juggernaut.

The new line-up is 11 Liberal Democrats, three Labour, one Conservative and Mr Gillespie.


Yateley West (unopposed) *Peter Armstrong(LD), Mary Jenkins (Lab), Charles Lings (Lab), Dawn Neale (LD).

Frogmore and Darby Green: Elected: Gillian Hennell (LD) 634, *Robert Harward (LD) 605, Rosemary Murr (LD) 599, *Archie Gillespie (Ind) 535, Joyce Still (Lab) l54. Not elected: *John Davies (Lab) 152.

Yateley East: Elected: *Graham Cockarill (LD) 719, *Stuart Bailey (LD) 710, David Murr (LD) 617, Thomas Schwartz (Con) 502. Not elected: Howling Lord Hope (Monster Raving Loony) 26l, David Jenkins (Lab) 164, Sophie Shepherd (Lab) 161.

Yateley North: Elected: *Adrian Collett (LD) 856, *Donald Benham (LD) 746, *Maria Armstrong (LD) 742, John Keane (LD) 692. Not elected: *Edward Dawson (Con) 430, James Lawrence (Con) 406, *Keith Spendlove (Lab) 92, Kim Spendlove (Lab) 72.