ONE of Elvetham Road’s controversial chicanes has been smashed to pieces in a hit and run crash.

The latest accident, which has brought fresh calls for the Fleet scheme to be scrapped, happened at about 11.15pm on Saturday night.

“It appears someone drove over the build-out demolish-ing everything above ground level — pillars and post —leaving only the island foundation,” said Hart Independent councillor Denis Gotel, who took the picture on Monday morning.

“The post is galvanised steel and weighs a hundred weight.

“I spoke to someone who lives by the chicane and they said they heard a loud crash but when they went out there was no vehicle in sight.”

The car bumper and part of the number plate was left on the island, revealing it was a W-registration Ford 4X4 Ranger.

“As the driver went on their way, I wonder if they sang There were ten crazy build-outs standing in a road and if one crazy build-out should accidentally fall, there…” said Cllr Gotel.

“Now, in no way wishing to dismiss the vehicle damage involved or driver trauma suffered in these accidents, this is the third unfortunate build-out to suffer seriously from vehicular contact in the past year.

“It really is getting too much to bear.

“If Hampshire County Council cannot hold up a hand and admit they got the whole Elvetham Road scheme wrong, would the officers spare a thought for the poor ratepayer?

“Do you think they might just be flexible enough to consider installing fluorescent rubber pillars and bendy posts on these build-outs.”

But despite a storm of protest from furious residents, the chicanes look set to stay.

Cllr Gotel spent two weeks producing a 21-page report on the chicanes after posting 400 questionnaires to people living in and around Elvetham Road.

A total of 216 were returned completed, with the majority slamming the scheme. Many claimed it had turned a quiet back road into a driving nightmare.

One resident warned someone would be killed if the chicanes were not removed.