I WORK in Queensmead and frequently wonder at how many more clipboard carriers our customers will have to dodge before they can shop in peace.

It is now a daily occurrence with sometimes four or five clipboarders between the south entrance to Kingsmead and the entrance to Princes Mead.

Customers complain that they are stopped by more than one clipboarder yet nothing can be done (apparently). Rushmoor Council has no interest (surprise, surprise) and, of course, it isn't a police matter.

The shops are already suffering because of the much discussed and long awaited "renewal" of Queensmead, and now their customers are being continuously harried.

Some clipboarders (although not all) are almost aggressive in their approach to customers and almost follow them into the shops or leap on them as they emerge. It can be quite upsetting to elderly people.

It is not unknown for a customer to be "captured" on the way into the shop and again on the way out.

Is it not time that a limit is put on the number of clipboarders allowed in an area, and also how many times they can return to the same site?

Dawn Page (Annoyed shopkeeper - address supplied).