Since going on-line over a year ago, the Star has picked up a growing army of readers all round the world. We now have regulars who e-mail editor Alan Franklin from destinations as diverse as Tennessee. USA and Milan, Italy, home of newspaper collector Enrico Porro.

Enrico has been collecting papers for 20 years and has just added added The Surrey/Hants Star to his collection.

"I'm a media-mad newspaper collector who has hoarded more than 2,500 different papers from around the world," he said.

He started his collection when he was a student and now says his house is packed to the rafters with papers from around the world. He has a special room where he keeps them. "The first paper in my collection was from Italy, of course," Enrico said.

Early in his collection spree, while he was in the military, he collected some of his first daily papers from Austria as he was stationed near the border. "Perhaps because I was bored and I wanted to understand how people lived in Austria," he said. "I have collected ten of their daily papers and thus was born my passion."

"Recently, I have added to my collection several newspapers from the United States, especially from the West Coast." He has three favourite papers - El Pais from Madrid, The Guardian, parent company of the Star, and the New York Times.

"Generally, I love the newspapers from the United States and I am also fascinated by the ‘tabloid size' of British papers like yours," he said.

He enjoys the paper from Spain because that is where he lived as a child and The Guardian is one of his favourites because he finds it serious and professional. The New York Times is also a hit with him because it is the city where he would like to live.He also has some unusual papers, including African ones produced on a shoestring.To gather his newsprint mountain Enrico has done a lot of travelling, including 45 days in the USA and forays all over Europe. "It's still a cheaper hobby than collecting precious stones or stamps," he explained. So when will he stop? "The main goal of my collection is to reach 5,000 newspapers from around the world," he said. "I'm working towards it." Enrico is an art director married to Monica, and they have a daughter, Sofia, two, pictured left with her dad. A.F.