An estate agent in Aldershot is hoping it’s won the battle for the iron throne with its latest marketing campaign.

High Street may be a farcry from the stunning landscapes of Westeros where Game of Thrones is set, but that hasn’t stopped Bridges from releasing leaflets and billboards inspired by the hit television series.

Devoted employees can be seen donning gold crowns and brandishing swords, as well as promising customers nothing but the best with its estate agent oath as the agency urges people to get on board and play its Game of Homes.

The firm claims ‘there can only be one king of the south east’ and that it has been ‘dwarfing other agents since 1991’.

Chairman Tony Raffermati said wacky campaigns are nothing new - the company’s first billboard was decorated in lurid pink and yellow, just like Mr Blobby.

“You don’t have to be dull to be professional,” he said. “Anyone who knows us know that our marketing is second to none. We do things a little differently and a little bit better than the others.”

Bridges of Aldershot's Game of Homes flyer

The Game of Homes idea stemmed from a conversation in the office, but the oath on the reverse of the leaflet was the brainchild of a rather unusual source.

Mr Raffermati said: “Our managing director was at the dentist and told him about the idea. By the time he got home, he had received an email [from the dentist] with the poem.”

Besides from promising to be the ‘phone in the darkness’ and ‘property finder on the walls’, the oath also binds its estate agents to be ‘the light that brings the sale’.

And if the leaflet wasn’t enough, a 96-sheet double billboard has been installed in High Street to hammer the message home.

Bridges' Aldershot branch is also getting a makeover with wallpaper made entirely from previous campaigns - so expect footballers, Top Trump cards and Harry Potter to feature.

Bridges has branches in the kingdoms of Aldershot, Ash Vale, Camberley, Farnborough, Farnham and Fleet.

The estate agent has also revealed its next campaign will light up the town with its take on sci-fi classic Star Wars.