IT is difficult to know what world J R Paxton (News June 28, letters) is living in.

In a week that saw yet more job losses attributable to our non-euro membership the answer seems to lie in conjuring up the same old myths of "surrender" and nostalgia for the rod, pole and perch!

It is certainly the case that membership of the EU involves some pooling of sovereignty (as does our membership of NATO).

Our pooled sovereignty means that we have the substance of shared economic power — instead of the mere shadow of former glories.

Joining the euro does not carry any of the threatened consequences.

It does greatly facilitate trade and is a logical extension of the single market.

It provides easy comparisons for consumers who can see that prices here are, on average, some 15% higher than for our continental neighbours.

From this week holiday and business travellers who withdraw euros from cash machines or make euro card payments in an EU member state — other than their own — will pay the same charges as if they had made the transaction in their home country.

Of course we could stand aside from this sort of progress — if we wished. But who's for living in a museum?

Derek Stroud, 23A Avondale Road, Fleet.