Work on a new mutli-storey car park at Farnborough Main railway station is on schedule to be completed by the end of the month.

As part of a £2.8 million project funded through a Department for Transport initiative by Network Rail, a new decked car park, which will provide 243 additional spaces, is being built at the station.

Work commenced in November last year and South West Trains (SWT) warned commuters that there would be ‘severe and unavoidable disruptions’ to the availability of parking until it was complete.

The number of available car parking spaces has been reduced while work is ongoing and restrictions have been put in place before 10am Monday to Friday, allowing only car park season ticket holders to use the station’s car park on a first come, first served basis.

However, a spokesman for SWT said disruptions had been kept to a minimum during the construction phase.

Work to expand Fleet train station’s car park also commenced in November, with the total number of spaces rising from 153 to 448.

Kevin Lloyd, of O’Gorman Avenue in Farnborough, said: “When SWT began work on the decked car park they closed off the majority of it for the exclusive use of car park season ticket holders before 10am – a move which was inconvenient but necessary given the reduced capacity whilst the works were carried out.

“Other car park users were urged to use the alternative car park on Union Street as well as parking in the town centre. However, the works on the Fleet Station car park have since overrun, leading SWT to close off their remaining Union Street car park to all but Farnborough and Fleet car park season ticket holders.

"This was presumably based on the assumption that car park season ticket holders that couldn’t park at Fleet Station would drive to Farnborough as an alternative. Regular users of Farnborough Station who do not hold a car park season ticket are subsequently being turned away from all of the car parks prior to 10am.”

However, Sue O’Hare, from Sandhurst, who uses the station daily to commute to London, said her journeys have not been affected by the works although she has had to leave her home earlier in the morning to allow time to park her car.

She said: “An unexpected benefit of the reduction in the number of spaces has been that it’s currently much quicker and easier to get out of the car park in the evening.

“I hope this will still be the case when the new entrance and exit are completed.”

The new decked car park is expected to be completed by March 31 and will open in early April once the site has been cleared of construction equipment and materials.

A spokesman for SWT said: “Farnborough station serves over three million rail passengers a year and, with an additional 243 spaces, the new multi-storey car park will create welcome capacity for car users. Completion date is on time and we expect the car park to be fully open to car users in April.

“We are continuing to work closely with our contractors to keep our car park open as much as possible and minimise any disruption to car users.”

The existing main access point for the car park will be maintained for buses, priority parking and cars stopping for a short period only and the existing small car park will become the sole entrance and exit to all car parking at the station.