THE owners of 56 homes in Blackwater are anxiously awaiting the results of a trial by TV this month that could result in them having to pay out hundreds of pounds.

The houses in Cheriton Way, Cedar Avenue and Kingsway have been served notices by Hart Council, which is investigating sewer blockages in the area. The Council will put in CCTV cameras and jet wash the piping.

If it finds the problems are not in the affected area then there will be no charge. But if remedial works are necessary they must be paid jointly by the affected householders.

The local member of Hart, Coun. Brian Blewett said this week that the problem could be caused by sewage coming back from the pumping station in Rosemary Lane. He said that when similar problems occurred in Beaulieu Gardens 140 people had to pay sums ranging from a few pounds to a few hundred each.

"We will either get good news from the report or there will be something we have to deal with," he added.

Coun. Blewett said members of the local sewer committee would be able to attend a public meeting and view the CCTV tapes if anything was discovered.

Spokesman for the residents, Mr Ian Berry of Cheriton Way said Hart was still refusing to adopt the sewers. He said people had not known they were responsible for their upkeep until a few years ago.

"We don't like the fact that the whole thing was hidden from residents by both the Council and by solicitors who did the searches, " he declared. "The whole thing stinks!"