A family in Farnborough have been without heating and hot water for the last two months as they haven't been able to have a new boiler delivered.

Natasha Silvers, 26, of Cody Road, has to take her two children, Daniel, nine, and 11-month-old Kristian, to family members' houses every day to bathe them as her boiler has been faulty since the beginning of November.

She contacted her housing association, First Wessex, about the issue but is still awaiting a permanent solution.

“After it stopped working we had so many people come out to look at it and try and fix it but no one has been able to. It’s completely broken,” she added.

After the boiler started to fail, the family had to switch it off on November 18 as a carbon monoxide leak had been detected.

Miss Silvers said: “We were all feeling really ill and tired and I phoned up a gas company for some advice and they came out to the house and detected the boiler was leaking carbon monoxide so they switched it off and shut off our gas.

“After the gas was capped we were left with some fan heaters to keep us warm but I can’t afford the electricity bills for it, I spent £220 last month on the heater costs alone.”

The family were originally told by First Wessex that repair parts would be ordered but this was delayed because of firms closing over Christmas. The housing association then said it will give the family a new boiler but this is yet to arrive.

Miss Silvers said: “We were told it could take two weeks or more to get the new boiler to us, I don’t know what else to do.

“No one else in the road seems to be having this problem, it’s a nightmare, I have to put gloves on my baby when he sleeps to try and keep him warm.

“It’s been so cold recently, my partner and I have to rip the covers off the bed in the morning to get us up.”

A spokesperson for First Wessex said: “We sympathise that our resident has suffered inconvenience especially over the Christmas period due to boiler defects.

“A First Wessex out of hours engineer responded promptly when the first reports of noises in the boiler were made on in November.

“The boiler was shut off for safety reasons and alternative heating provided, we also made it clear that any additional heating costs would be paid by First Wessex on submission of electricity bills.

“In order to repair the boiler new parts were ordered. Unfortunately these were not available until early January, instead a replacement boiler has been ordered.

“We also agreed from the outset that we would reimburse any additional electricity costs and we will continue to work closely with our resident until the new boiler has been installed.”