Residents are divided over the decision by Farnborough Air Show bosses to replace their free ticket offer with a buy one get one free replacement.

For the last three events, households directly affected by road closures and other plans put in place during the show have been given a pair of free tickets.

But a decision by Farnborough International to offer all residents within the GU14 postcode a buy one get one free (BOGOF) deal instead has provoked anger among some people living near the airport

Commenting on our original story, Miriam Wood said the offer feels like marketing strategy.

"Those of us in the area adjacent to the airfield are very seriously affected by the noise smell and traffic of the airshow - some are not really able to use their cars at all," she said.

"Also our children get sent home at lunchtime and we have to deal with that. Of course there has to be a cut off point and subsequently disgruntled people just outside the zone, but the free tickets went a long way towards making us happier about the whole business.

"When our children miss school because of the air show and yet don't get to go, it does seem rather unfair."


Farnborough South councillor John Wall said: "The free tickets offer was always a bit of a postcode lottery - residents in one street would get them, those in the next wouldn't. That always seemed a bit unfair as the traffic management changes affect a wide area.

"It would be interesting to see - but whether Farnborough International will release the information is uncertain - if the number of residents in the North Camp area taking up the BOGOF offer is significantly different from those previously taking up the free offer."

Farnborough International Ltd chief executive, Shaun Ormrod, said feedback in 2012 suggested any offer should include and support the whole of Farnborough, with many taking up the offer.

The trade days for this year's Farnborough Air Show run from Monday July 14-Friday July 18 with the public days on Saturday July 19 and Sunday July 20.