There are reports that the Red Arrows aerobatic display has been dropped from the Farnborough International Airshow next month due to "safety fears from RAF top brass".

The Royal Aeronautical Society (RAS) said on Tuesday that following tighter Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulations due to the Shoreham disaster, the display by the Red Arrows could be reined in.

In its Aerospace Insight blog, RAS stated: “With new CAA safety regulations introduced after the 2015 Shoreham disaster and the recent spate of military flying display team crashes in the past week, the flying display this year at Farnborough could look different than in previous years.

“Insiders now confirm that the Red Arrows traditional aerobatic display at Farnborough has been dropped due to safety fears from RAF top brass.”

RAS has quoted an RAF spokesman as saying that the Red Arrows will be attending the airshow and ‘are going to be flying at Farnborough’ but when directly questioned about the aerobatic display, referred to a short-notice media briefing due to take place this week.

Get Hampshire has also been made aware of the media briefing but as yet does not know what it entails – organisers are keeping tight-lipped on the details.

The RAS report goes on to say: “More than one highly-placed source has now confirmed that due to the new post-Shoreham CAA rules and a review of the safety and risk case by RAF duty holders, the Red Arrows flying at Farnborough will be limited to straight and level passes (possibly in conjunction with the F-35B) and no aerobatics.”

It adds that the RAF is yet to directly confirm this ahead of the media briefing.

Get Hampshire contacted the airshow’s head of PR and the public relations team for the Red Arrows and is awaiting a response.

The airshow runs from July 11 to 17, with the public display taking place during the weekend of July 16 and 17.