At least eight sheds were smashed with hammers and had their windows put through at allotments in Farnborough over the weekend.

The Horn Road allotments were targeted and Cove resident David Allan, 68, had all six of his shed padlocks broken.

There was a large hole in the plastic covering, with Mr Allan convinced that vandals had climbed into it before smashing the wooden door.

It’s the fourth time in five years that Mr Allan’s allotment hut has been targeted in this way.

“They stole my garden fork last time,” he said.

“They’ve given me a hammer this time. I’ve no idea where they got it from, but I’d like to use it on them.”

Nothing has been reported missing so far in this latest incident.

In the past, electrical goods and bottles of alcohol have been stolen from the buildings.

Ian Brown, another Cove resident, had his grass trimmer stolen last year and on one occasion a gardener had his bottle of whisky taken after he left it in his hut overnight.

David Allan had all six of his padlocks broken

Mr Brown said: “It is frustrating. Nothing has been taken this time but they’ve smashed the window of my shed and broken the door down.

“They didn’t really pinch any blackberries though, and they are worth having.”

Mr Allan added: “I can’t point the finger at anybody; I wish I could.

“It’s depressing. We’re constantly fighting the weather, never mind this.

“People should be on the lookout for a hammer-handed man. If they used a hammer on this, would they use it on a human being or an animal?

“It’s just so petty. I’m going to spend some days now over the next few weeks sorting everything out.

“They threw my onions everywhere. I had about 50 stacked up. I mean, I grew the damned things.”

Hampshire police are investigating.

A spokesman said: “A number of sheds and a greenhouse were damaged over the weekend of October 17-18. It was reported to police on October 19.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Hampshire Police on 101, quoting reference 14101900614, or Crime-stoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.