A new group has held a vigil outside an abattoir in Farnborough to bear witness to animals en route to slaughter.

The vigil, organised by Farnborough Animal Save, was held at Newman’s Abattoir in Peabody Road on Wednesday August 31.

The group is part of the Save Movement and made up of groups from around the world who bear witness to farmed animals en route to slaughter.

More than 30 activists attended the Farnborough Animal Save vigil outside Newman Abattoir in Farnborough on Wednesday August 31.

The vigil organisers were Nicola Streak, 25, and Catherine High, 25, both from Reading.

Miss Streak said: “It went really well. We had 32 activists down so it went really well. There was a good response from the public as well and we spoke to a few neighbours who supported what we were doing.

“Not everyone was positive, a few people drove by shaking their heads and things but it was overall a good response.

“Three trucks came down and we spoke to neighbours who said Tuesdays are probably the busiest days so going forward we would like to make it a monthly thing on a Tuesday, with our next one scheduled for October 4.”

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Police were also made aware of the event beforehand to avoid any conflict outside the abattoir.

“I spoke to police and told them what we were doing beforehand,” Miss Streak said. “We want them there for our own safety and support and for the abattoir as well. The last thing we want is for any aggression on either side as that’s not at all what we are about.

“We managed to get what we wanted and said goodbye to the animals and didn’t speak to workers there.
“They were quiet and there was no conflict, they did what they did and we did what we did. For us it’s very much onwards and upwards doing it each month now.”

A spokesman from Newman’s Abattoir said: “They [the group] did not cause us any problems and did not disrupt any of our kill.”

He added the abattoir had no further comment.