Neo Phipps had never won a go-karting race before his mother died, but ever since he just can’t stop winning.

Naomi Phipps passed away on June 11, aged 46, having battled with breast cancer for four years.

Just 10 days before she died, 11-year-old Neo said he would start winning for his mum and has just been crowned the winner of Camberley Kart Club’s championship.

His dad, Lincoln Phipps, 46, of Trent Close, Farnborough, said: “Whilst caring for my wife I tried to keep things as normal as possible, which included karting.

“Naomi couldn’t come to the race meetings any more as she was too ill, but watched on live timing - shouting at the computer for him to win.”

Neo started racing in January 2014, but had failed to win a race until getting a new racing suit, when he promised to start winning for his mum.

But Naomi sadly passed away before seeing her son win his first race.

'Rotten time'

“It was very emotional watching him win that first race, she never got to see him win one,” Mr Phipps said.

“She was like him, massively competitive and she always wanted him to do well but he’d come in third or something but never won.

“He got a suit in early June and he said ‘that’s it, I’m going to start winning for mum now’, but she never saw him.

“It was a rotten time for him."

Naomi Phipps passed away on June 11, aged 46, having battled with breast cancer for four years.

He added: “It was a very emotional time for me as I know his mother would’ve loved to have seen it.

"Neo is competing in the Honda cadet British championship next year, as it keeps him focused.”

A statement from Camberley Kart Club said: “As an MSA registered Kart racing club we are proud to have young people such as Neo racing with us.

“Our championship ended in October and Neo won the four rounds prior to that, he opted to miss the last round and use it as one of his dropped rounds - every competitor can drop two of their worst rounds of the year - prior to June Neo came second in the February to May meetings and fourth in the January meeting, after the final points calculations he won the championship by five points.”