Staff at a Farnborough nursery have been criticised for putting children at “significant risk of harm” through poor supervision.

Busy Bees Day Nursery, based in the Farnborough IQ business park, has been rated “inadequate” by education watchdog Ofsted following an inspection last month.

The inspection was held after Ofsted received a complaint about the nursery in February.

A note appended to the inspection report revealed that an unspecified incident witnessed by an inspector had “compromised the welfare of an unsupervised child”.

“Staff did not supervise children effectively and keep them within their sight or hearing,” the inspector said in the note.

“Furthermore, staff did not assess all potential risks to children’s safety within the outdoor play environment.

“Swift action was taken by the manager to make the area safe after the incident. These weaknesses compromised children’s safety and welfare.”

Following the inspection, the nursery was sent an improvement notice requiring it to “ensure staff are deployed effectively to supervise children well and meet their needs at all times”.

The inspection report itself found that the nursery’s management team had failed to identify some “weaknesses in safeguarding practices”.

“It does not ensure that staff are deployed effectively to supervise children adequately, or that they complete effective checks of the environment to minimise risks to children’s safety,” the report said.

“The arrangements for safeguarding are ineffective. Children’s safety and well-being are put at risk.

“For example, staff did not ensure that deep rain water that had collected in certain areas of the garden was removed before young children were allowed out to play.

“This put young children at significant risk of harm.”

The inspector also observed that nursery staff fail to get parents to sign records to show that they have been notified of any accidents.

The nursery’s managers were given credit for a “rigorous” staff recruitment process, for maintaining the right staffing level and for giving workers ongoing training.

Staff were also praised for the quality of teaching, with inspectors noting that they “complete meaningful observations and accurate assessments of children’s learning”.

“Staff hold regular meetings with parents and share information about children’s progress to involve them in their child’s learning and provide a consistent approach,” they said.

“All children make good progress from their starting points. Children gain confidence in their abilities and are inquisitive.

“They are confident to explore and make independent choices in their play. Children gain the skills they need for the next stages in their learning and for school.”

Naomi Manunta, joint manager of the nursery, said: “We are passionate about delivering safe and high quality care for the children who attend our nursery.

"My team is now working very hard to improve the situation and we expect a very different outcome when Ofsted return.

"We are already making significant progress towards achieving a better result at the next inspection.

"We pride ourselves on achieving high standards and we apologise for falling below the quality that parents and children expect of us on this occasion.”