Farnborough South councillor John Wall will be standing again in May's county council elections, but it will not be as the Conservative Party candidate following accusations he was involved in an altercation at last year's count.

Cllr Wall will instead run for his Farnborough South seat as an independent candidate.

It follows concerns raised in the local Conservative Party branch, which is yet to publish its full list of candidates for the borough, over Cllr Wall's recent behaviour.

As well as the alleged altercation, with another Conservative member, the party said it was unhappy about comments made by Cllr Wall saying "hanging was too good" for the two boys who set fire to the Victoria Road Chapel last July.

Maurice Sheehan, deputy chairman of political and campaigning for the Aldershot Conservative group, said: "John this time didn't get through the application process as there have been some concerns about his behaviour as a councillor.

"Earlier in the year he was reprimanded for his behaviour. There had been an altercation at last year's election which involved some pushing and shoving which we didn't think was becoming of a senior councillor, which John was.

"We also had concerns with social media comments he made about hanging not being good enough for the two boys who set fire to the church, so he simply didn't get through the application process.

"Roland Dibbs will be our candidate in Farnborough South and we have every confidence Roland has the ability and experience to do a really good job for residents in south Farnborough."

"I've broken no rules"

However Cllr Wall has shown Get Hampshire eyewitness testimonies from three borough councillors that say he did not initiate the incident or perpetrate any physical violence, and says he was simply defending himself and "he did what anyone would have done."

He also claims that other members of the Aldershot Conservatives have also been "castigated for various things" after making comments on social media but that no action has been taken against them.

Of the altercation claims, Cllr Wall, said: "Cllr Sheehan hasn't read the latest Conservative Party procedure 'no-one should attempt to offer reasons or speculate as to why a candidate has been unsuccessful'.

"This seems to have been written to prevent non-existent reasons from being exposed."

He added: "I've broken no rules and consistently tried to provide accurate information to residents and not mislead or deceive them.

"I have a lot of friends in and out of the Conservative Party who have urged me to stand on my record of hard work and achievement."