A RELIEVED youngster had his father to thank for escaping the clutches of a thug in Camberley town centre.

The terrified 13-year-old was standing at a bus stop near the railway station when he was approached by the robber.

He was told he would be stabbed if he refused to hand over his wallet and mobile phone. But as the youngster bravely stood his ground, his father drew up in a car and the thief fled empty-handed.

Judy Williams, Camberley police press officer, said: "The father arrived on the scene in the nick of time. "He pulled up to offer his son a lift, and with that the offender ran off."

The villain is aged about 15 with black hair. He was wearing a cream coloured zip up jacket with either an "NY" or "MY" badge on it.

Police are anxious to speak to a tall slim black woman who was in a phone box near the scene at about 7.30pm on 29 December when the incident happened.

Officers believe she may have seen the teenager being threatened, and could be a vital witness. Ring PC Fintan Godkin on 01276 27131.