Campaigners protested outside Aldershot Magistrates' Court on Friday before the scheduled trial of the founder of Fathers 4 Justice (F4J).

F4J leader Matthew Glynn O'Connor, was brought before the court for an alleged public order offence on September 4 2014.

Mr O'Connor, 47, is accused of using threatening or abusive words or behaviour or disorderly behaviour whilst in Stockbridge High Street near his home address.

The trial has now been postponed for a month after a row over whether Mr O'Connor's supporters should be allowed in the courtroom during the proceedings.

A handful of his followers including Hampshire county councillor Tony Hooke, were denied access to the proceedings on the grounds of "health, safety and security issues in the court building".

F4J, a civil rights organisation for fathers, was founded in January 2003 by Mr O'Connor and gained notoriety after its members staged protests in prominent locations dressed as fictional super-heroes.

Mr O'Connor objected to taking part in the trial on Friday saying: "Members of the public have been prevented access to this court and a county councillor has been so too.

"I must remind members of the bench of my human rights in the court.

"I would ask the bench to allow members of the public to hear my trial."

But chairman of the bench, David Perren and magistrates Phil Woodland and Louise Morton upheld the order.

After consulting with F4J legal advisor Dr Michael John Pelling, Mr O'Connor said that he would be launching a judicial review into the magistrates' desicion.

He said: "I object in the strongest terms and I will not participate in a trial.

"There are no grounds whatsoever to block a county councillor from having entry to this building.

"I would ask an adjournment to seek a judicial review on this matter."

"I want to be judged in front of my peers."

Responding to his plea, Mr Perren said: "Earlier today we took a decision to decline entry to some members of the public.

"That decision was taken based on the advice given by our legal advisor in open court, whom in turn had been advised by those responsible for the health, safety and security issues in the court building.

"Mr O'Connor has requested an adjournment, in order that he can lodge a judicial review with regard to this decision.

"We consider that on the grounds of open justice we should allow the requested adjournment."

Mr O'Connor of Offerton Road in Clapham, will now be tried on March 26 at Aldershot Magistrates' Court for a 10am start.