BUNGLING burglars lost their haul as they sped away from a Farnborough store early on Monday.

The thieves thought they were on to a winner as they used a winch on a stolen recovery truck to drag a free standing cash machine out of Alldays in Fernhill Road.

But their plans started to go awry when they tried in vain to open the machine by dragging it along the road on the end of the winch.

Refusing to be beaten, the gang winched the machine on to the back of the lorry - only to see it fall off as they left the scene at high speed.

Police found the machine, which was still intact, lying in the middle of the road near the shop.

The recovery truck was later discovered abandoned a short distance away in Whetstone Road.

Police said that two men wearing Balaclavas were involved in the raid.

The ram raid caused damage totalling thousands of pounds to the shop.

Staff mounted a clear-up operation and managed to open the store on Monday.

But a spokeswoman for Alldays said: "The post office is closed for repairs and will reopen as soon as it is safe to do so."