A ferocious fire in Blackwater captivated residents as the savage inferno ripped through three garden sheds in Kingsway.

Almost a dozen firefighters from Rushmoor and Yateley spent two hours at the scene, behind the White Hart Parade, extinguishing the roaring fire that flared high above roof level at around midday on Friday (April 11).

Blackwater resident and eyewitness Michael Kearno described the fire as “dramatic”.

“There were quite a few bangs and pops and screams of panic,” Mr Kearno said. “It was very dramatic and it put Rosemary Lane to a standstill.

“A lot of people stopped to look but did not get too close as it was ferocious. We don’t know what caused it, whether it was kids playing, an accident or on purpose.

“All the trees went up, it was quite dramatic for Blackwater.”

The residential road backs onto Blackwater rail line and an industrial estate.

Mr Kearno took photos of the blaze from start to finish. Fellow eyewitness Peter Franklin also saw the blaze from his garden.

Fire in Blackwater

He said: “The fire spread quickly to three gardens, destroying sheds and property, with several explosions from gas canisters stored in sheds.

“The fire brigade were on the scene very quickly after being reported by vigilant postman.

“As far as I am aware, the cause of the fire is not known, nobody living in the houses had lit any fire in their gardens that day.”

Crew manager Simon Forster, from Rushmoor fire station, said his colleagues arrived on the scene just before 12pm.

“Two pumps attended, one from Yateley and one from Rushmoor to tackle the three sheds that were on fire,” he said. “We sent two breathing apparatuses, one hose reel jet and another jet. The cause of the fire was doubtful so investigations were launched.”

Five firefighters from Yateley, four from Rushmoor and two senior Hampshire firefighters attended last week’s fire.

Danny Randall, officer in charge of Yateley fire station, said: “When we were called we were told that there was a small fire in the open and we were first in attendance.

“It was a small rubbish fire, but then it spread to a hedge, fence, something else and then spread along the embankment and damaged the back of the industrial park.

“My team worked professionally to put the fire out, but they needed some extra water so Rushmoor were called.”

Investigations in to how the rubbish fire was caused continue.