FLEET traffic expert and campaigner Coun. Dennis Gotel took his latest findings to the people on Saturday in an effort to get them to protest against the latest Hampshire County Council inspired road plan, which he believes will be ruinous for the town centre.

He says the plan would mean scrapping all of the current short term parking on Fleet Road. The county apparently believes drivers will divert to short stay slots in local car parks, but Coun. Gotel says it would be more sensible to cut the waiting time from half an hour to 20 minutes so that people can still park free right outside and pop into shops for small purchases.

Two day-long surveys revealed that 60 per cent of those parking in Fleet Road were moving on within 20 minutes. He found no major gridlock in the road at any time on either day.

His other suggestions are for dedicated unloading bays for commercial vehicles and restrictions on vehicles crossing to the other side of the road to park.

"I am astonished that the county council would appear to have learned nothing from the shambles of a traffic calming project that they burdened the residents and motorists with in Elvetham Road," he said this week.

Hart's Cabinet meets to discuss the scheme on March 4 and Coun. Gotel has urged the townspeople to send their views to Coun. Sharyn Wheale c/o Hart Council, Harlington Way, GU51 48AE. She has special responsibility for the town.