HART Councillor Sean Holden and his wife Corinna are celebrating the birth of their latest "miracle" baby.

Their fourth child, Finn, was born at Frimley Park Hospital on Monday last week, and weighed in at a hefty 9lb 2oz.

The delighted couple regard him, and their other three children, as miracles because eight years ago their chances of starting a family seemed bleak.

Sean was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia and faced a tough regime of chemotherapy treatment which, his consultant warned, might leave him sterile.

He immediately visited a sperm bank which resulted in his wife giving birth, with the aid of IVF treatment, to Jude, now aged four. Since beating the killer disease, however, he has proved the doubters wrong by fathering three more children by natural means.

Sean, aged 48, a television journalist, said at the family home at Dogmersfield: "The consultant was surprised, to say the least, at our success. I hope our story will give hope to all those who face the same savage course of chemotherapy treatment that I underwent."