A NEW plan to deal with Fleet town centre's alleged "traffic problem" has come under fire from independent Hart Councillor Denis Gotel.

He said this week that Hampshire County Council's latest scheme will do little to solve the daily snarl ups.

And he warns there is a danger that the £2.2-million project will be slipped through without anyone knowing about it.

The county council's main proposal, he said, was to do away with most of the on-street parking places in Fleet Road.

"These are currently used by over 1200 motorists during normal shopping hours each day," he said.

Only a few spaces would be retained for use by the disabled, taxi drivers and the occasional commercial vehicle.

Coun. Gotel said he did not think this latest plan was the answer to reducing the large amount of traffic which uses the road.

In his view the only way of tackling the problem is to prevent certain vehicles entering the road, or providing them with alternative routes.

He claims the county council's proposals have so far been discussed behind closed doors by Hart Council and the Fleet Town Centre Management Group.

In a bid to let residents have their say, he is putting the county council's blueprint, and his ideas, on display in the town's shopping centre this week-end.

He is urging everyone to make their views known to Hart Councillor Sharyn Wheale, who has special responsibility for the town centre.

"Time is short," he added. Hart Council's cabinet is due to give the county council scheme its blessing on March 4.