NOT a single hand was raised in favour when a man jumped up at a county council sponsored meeting on Monday and demanded a show of hands from those who wanted the county's controversial roads plan for Fleet town centre.

This was greeted by a storm of applause from around 100 people and the applause renewed when a show of hands for those against revealed almost 100 per cent.

Coun. Keith Estlin, who chairs the North East Transport Panel, and his officials appeared stunned by the reaction to the scheme on display. It follows the defeat in the Hart elections earlier this month of John Stocks an ardent advocate of the proposals.

Denis Gotel, the traffic campaigner who took his seat, was unable to attend on Monday but fellow Independent Coun. Steve Gorys said afterwards: "I still get the impression they may take no notice. They seem to be saying that if we don't take this scheme they will spend the Elvetham Heath money elsewhere and that is wrong as it should be spent properly in Fleet.

"They need to look at the whole town and not just the high street in isolation. The county council needs to go back to the drawing board and come up with two or three different proposals for the whole of Fleet.

"I shall be urging our county councillors to do something about this."

New county chairman, Coun. Peter Hutcheson was at part of Monday's meeting. He told the Star that a proper public meeting was needed at which all proposals could be aired properly.

"I don't think the public have had their proper say," he declared." It is something that has got to last for the next two or three decades."

Coun. Hutcheson believes that the county still has four years to decide just how to spend the contribution from the Elvetham Heath developers and can take time to look at other options.

Mark Pearce of The Spinney, Fleet was one of the members of the public attracted to the meeting.

He commented: "After this show of what the people think surely they cannot just plough ahead with this?"