I WAS pleased to see the front-page article in the Fleet Mail of December 11 with the opinions of The Fleet and Crookham Civic Society on the Fleet town centre traffic and environment improvement project, and entirely agree with their thoughts.

This town has never had such a sum of money for this purpose before, and it is unlikely to happen again. The current proposals are purely cosmetic, and will not cure traffic blocks that regularly occur in the town centre.

It is wrong to spend this amount of money in this way without researching any other viable system.

With the large increase in housing that has taken place in Fleet and Church Crookham and the 2-3,000 more houses that are likely to be built in the next decade, it is imperative that we think radically. This money can only be spent once, and it must be spent to best advantage for the businesses in the town and those who use and shop in Fleet.

A one-way system would increase pedestrian space while leaving ample traffic space. There would be ample parking space for cars and lorries, and it would obviate the blockages that regularly occur every day, in addition to being safer for pedestrians.

I hope that Hampshire County Council will do further research on alternatives before commencing any changes. It would be money well spent.

Councillor Peter Shoesmith, Dinorben Close, Fleet.