Floyds Office Equipment in North Camp has joined in to help the Katherine Appeal by collecting old ink and toner cartridges.

Said Paul Lavous, general manager at Floyds: "We already collect cartridges for environmental reasons, but when we saw the story about Katherine in the Star we thought it would be a good idea to help out."

You can drop the cartridges in for recycling at Floyds (next door to Motorcycle City) or give them a ring on 540412.

Paul said that many firms just throw the empties out, but small ones are worth 50p-£1 and larger ones are worth £3-£4. Some firms order as many as a dozen cartridges a week, so there is a lot of potential for fund-raisers.

Cove Stationers (wholesalers) are also collecting and will come out and pick up your disused cartridges free. Call Chris Climpson on 01252 686083 for collection.

The Kendall family is delighted at the response to their appeal for help. Their daughter Katherine (18) has severe epilepsy and they believe her only chance in life is the neurosurgery technique pioneered at a hospital in Nebraska, USA. Once Katherine has been treated, they aim to campaign for the treatment to be made available in the UK.