RESIDENTS will foot the clear-up bill if fly-tipping continues to scar Aldershot's North Town estate.

They will be charged for the abandoned items to be taken away if the litter louts can't be identified.

Those living in the block of flats nearest to the dumped rubbish will share the collection cost, which could be expensive.

The crackdown has been launched by the North Town Partnership which includes representatives of the Pavilion Housing Association and Rushmoor Council.

According to the partnership, the decision to get tough with fly tippers has the support of the vast majority of residents.

Louise Williams, Pavilion's community development manager, blamed the rubbish dumping on a few irresponsible individuals.

She hoped the threat of a collective fine would persuade residents to identify the culprits.

The introduction of the scheme follows a recent "clean-up" week-end when tons of rubbish and several abandoned cars were removed free.

Keith Dibble, a Rushmoor councillor for the area, said: "This is a worthwhile scheme and I fully support it.

"The vast majority of residents don't want the estate turned into an eyesore…they want to live in pleasant surroundings."

He added that, in any case, there was no need for residents to dump bulky household items in communal areas or the streets. The council provides two free collections a year for each home, and householders can take smaller items to the nearby civic amenities tip.