Fly-tipping is rife in one of Rushmoor’s most notorious spots once again.

Earlier this year, the News & Mail reported that Farnborough’s Rushmoor Borough Council Cherrywood ward was accountable for almost half of all reported fly-tipping incidents across the borough.

Last year there were nearly 690 reports of fly-tipping in the ward, with the majority in Caswell Close.

Speaking to the News & Mail in January, Rushmoor Borough Councillor Les Taylor, who represents the Cherrywood ward, said not enough was being done to tackle the issue and not everyone saw it as a concern.

Since airing the issue, Cllr Taylor said fly-tipping had reduced in the area, however, he has recently noticed the council is slow to deal with any incidents that do occur.

Overflowing rubbish bins in the road were reported two weeks ago and, since checking on the area twice, he has still not seen any action taken.

Some residents were also caught fly-tipping on Sunday and were reported to the council after an array of furniture was dumped on a grassy area.

Cllr Taylor said: “We still do get fly-tipping, it is much less than it used to be, but the cases I have seen recently are specifically to do with houses in multiple occupation.

“There are a lot of houses of multiple occupation around Cherrywood and there is no regulation on it, it is just someone renting a house and letting off all the rooms. I personally would like to see a register on these houses so if the landlord is responsible for fly-tipping incidents like this we can take them out of the register.”

Caswell Close in Farnborough is the worst in Rushmoor for fly-tipping

Cllr Taylor described the fly-tipping as "recklessness" adding: “It’s not just the fact that people don’t want to pay to have the stuff taken away. If children want to go and play outside these items can be health hazards, it is a huge environmental problem.

“It is no wonder that residents can’t be bothered keeping the area tidy when this kind of thing is allowed to be perpetuated.”

Last year there were 1,314 reported fly-tips in Aldershot and Farnborough, which is more than four times the amount in 2006.

There is currently a £38 charge for bulky waste collection in Rushmoor, however, the council recently introduced a 50% discount for residents who receive benefits, in an attempt to tackle fly-tipping.

Cllr Taylor said there was no excuse for fly-tipping to continue or for action not be taken against those caught in the act.