FLYING Squad officers arrested four men in a dramatic swoop at Aldershot last Friday morning.

They fired special bullets to puncture the tyres of a Toyota as the men were travelling along Ash Road.

The officers leapt from four unmarked cars and a police van which screeched into the road.

Startled bystanders looked on as the armed officers, wearing baseball caps, surrounded the car near Rusts' supermarket.

One woman, who was driving along the road, said: "It was like being on a film set."

Another eyewitness estimated that at least 10 police officers were involved in the operation.

"There were two shots and by the time I looked out, the police had two men pinned to the ground," he said.

The busy road was closed during the incident, which lasted about 45 minutes. A Scotland Yard press officer said that four men had been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to rob.

They were taken to police stations in Surrey for questioning. She added that no bullets had been fired.

"The officers used what are known as Hatton rounds to immobilise the car tyres," she said.